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3 years ago
No name muscle douche should learn that flexing continuously for the camera makes you look like a fucking retard and not like a badass
Ego 3 years ago
This guy wants to fuck himself more than this chick
3 years ago
This dude is a fucking faggot
3 years ago
Fuck his Instagram I want hers
Anonymous 3 years ago
This dudes so lucky... normally he’s fucking dudes in the gym
The Hero you asked for 3 years ago
Her insta is Indicaflower_ You’re welcome
Indicaflower 3 years ago
Hi everyone, I’m the girl in the video my Instagram is Indicaflower_ and I am posting here because I know that D doesn’t check these comments anymore. I know a lot of you think he is a jerk. When I first met him, he was actually really nice and courteous. But the second the camera went on it was like a whole different person came out. Half the time we were filming I was scared but I tried to play it off because D told me between shots that if I didn’t “sell it” there’d be a price to pay.
Bruh 3 years ago
Lmao at this dude. I can feel all 5 of his iq points through the video
hmm 3 years ago
for the way he acts. his cocks small af
Holy shit 3 years ago
This stupid shit reminds me of that sex scene of Christian Bale in American Psycho where he's fucking a couple of chicks in front of the mirror, but he's more interested in watching himself. What a fucking tool!